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Jewelery is a model of beauty and elegance and a great accessory to perfect your outfit. They are also often worn as a special, lasting keepsake. Think of a marriage, the birth of a child or the death of a loved one. As a recognized jeweler and goldsmith, Marcel Vermeulen is the specialist in designing, making and repairing eye-catching jewelery in The Hague. The collection jewelry includes the most beautiful rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces. Each piece of jewelery is a work of art for special moments that perfectly captures your taste and emotions. make a appointment and see it with your own eyes.

Our collection includes engagement rings, diamonds and signet rings

A piece of jewelry is a great way to emphasize your personality and look stylish. You can see the craftsmanship and passion of Marcel Vermeulen in his special designs. There is jewelery in The Hague for every occasion. Are you looking for a engagement ring, as a symbol of love and affection? The jewel is designed and manufactured according to your taste, size and budget. A ring with diamond touches your loved one in the heart. Diamond is one of the most valuable gemstones with its unsurpassed hardness and brilliance. They are available in the desired color, size, cut, clarity, clarity and carat weight.

We also surprise you with a wide collection signet rings with stamp, family coat of arms or hand engraving, with a closed interior and completely sunk in gold. These traditional rings last a lifetime and are passed down from generation to generation. You will receive a signet ring in the desired model, gold colour, stone type and size. Or are you in love with the Paraiba tourmaline a unique gemstone estimated to be ten thousand times rarer than diamond? We have both loose Paraiba tourmalines and stones that are processed in the jewelry.

Jewelery shop at a unique location in the historic Hofkwartier

The gemstone is often central to jeweller/goldsmith Marcel Vermeulen and forms the starting point for his jewelery designs. The jewelry store in The Hague center is located in a unique location in the historic Hofkwartier. It is a monumental building of nine meters high, with a mainly glass facade. You can see the entire company at a glance. The shop is downstairs, the studio is on the top floor.