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For the perfect piece of jewellery, you also want to choose the best diamond(s) within your budget. In addition to the well-known 4 Cs, which stand for Carat, Clarity, Color & Cut, several factors are very important when purchasing a diamond. We will clearly show you this using various examples of diamonds. You can then determine which properties are most important to you. We will advise and guide you flawlessly. We ask you the right questions to find out which diamond is best for you to buy.

"Service, information, transparency and trust"

These are the most important aspects when it comes to purchasing diamonds. Are you interested and would you like to know more? In our shop / workshop we can tell and show you everything about diamonds. Under a microscope you can clearly see where the differences are.

Fairly sourced diamond

There is much to say about this topic. We are regularly asked whether we sell honest diamonds. We only work with diamonds from countries that are affiliated with it Kimberley-proces. To completely exclude all risks, we only buy diamonds directly from diamond polishing companies that work under the guarantee of the Kimberley process. These companies sign for every receipt and are also checked for this.