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Paraiba Tourmaline

No other gemstone has made such an impression in the gemstone market in recent years as the Paraiba tourmaline. This material is named after the Brazilian state of Paraiba, where it was first found in 1987.

Its extraordinarily bright blue, turquoise to green color is not found in any other wearable gemstone. The hue is often referred to as "electric" or "neon" and is reminiscent of a beautiful, azure tropical sea.

If properly cut, this gemstone is literally stunning. The paraiba tourmaline appears to glow on its own, even in low ambient light. It owes its impressive color intensity to the traces of copper and manganese, which have not been found in any other tourmaline before. That alone makes the stone a geological rarity.

These properties are the reason why the paraiba tourmaline is one of the most expensive and sought after gemstones in the world. Its carat price can be well above that of flawless, perfect diamonds if the colors and clarity are excellent. As a rule, the best colors are obtained by slightly heating the stone, which causes secondary purple and green tones to disappear.

Unfortunately, this mineral is extremely rare. Brazil's deposits have been considered depleted for years and no significant mining is currently taking place. The African mining areas in Nigeria or Mozambique, which were only developed later (around 2000), have already been largely exploited.

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