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We only work by appointment

Engagement Rings

An engagement ring should fit someone and be worn with pride for a lifetime.

In addition to our existing collection of engagement rings, we are happy to help you design the perfect engagement ring. 

We map out your taste and the wishes of your partner and together we discuss the various options to arrive at a unique ring within your budget. Feel free to make an appointment to visit the store so that you can orient yourself without obligation. We are happy to teach you more about materials, diamonds and gemstones during the appointment.

We provide unique and personal service. Not only during the purchase, but also afterwards. For example, you can have the ring made scratch-free for the rest of your life, have the ring size adjusted and we are happy to check whether the gemstone is still properly set.



Many preceded you with a “YES” as a result of their proposal. Even after giving the engagement ring, it is also a unique experience for your future.

“Because of my personal approach, many proud couples visit me to view my shop and studio. I then immediately check whether the chosen ring size is perfect and ask if I can explain anything about the diamond or gemstone in the engagement ring.”