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Color / Color

Remarkably enough, color refers to the lack of color in a diamond, which actually indicates the degree of whiteness. Color in a diamond is visible as a pale yellow tint. The less color, the higher the color gradation. A color gradation D is the highest possible and Z the lowest. In my collection you will only find color gradations J and higher.

Apart from the cut, color is considered the most important characteristic when choosing a diamond. This is because the human eye initially sees fire and life and only then sees the color of a diamond.

In our collection you will find only the best diamonds with a color gradation from D to J. Diamonds with a gradation J or higher are colorless or almost colorless, with color that is invisible to the naked eye

Color explained

Z-N (perceptible color)

Not in the collection

M-K (Perceivable Color)

Not in the collection

J-I (almost colorless)

An exceptional value with a slightly perceptible warm glow.

H-G (almost colorless)

Color is difficult to see unless next to diamonds of a higher color grade. A good color!

F-E (colorless)

Miniscule traces of color can be detected by an expert. A rare diamond.

D (absolutely colorless)

The highest color gradation. Colorless and extremely rare.

Which color is right for you

Are you a purist? Look for a colorless diamond graded D-F for a diamond with no discernible color.
For excellent value look in a diamond with a little or barely noticeable color to the naked eye for an almost colorless gradation G-I.