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Handmade jewelry of the highest quality

Warranty and certification

We only work by appointment

Shipping and returns

When will my jewelry be shipped?

If the piece of jewelry is in stock, we will do our best to ship it within 1-2 working days. If the piece of jewelry is not in stock, the delivery time will be 4 to 8 weeks.

National shipments

National shipments are sent with UPS and Mikropakket. Shipping costs will be calculated at checkout.

International shipments

We work with FedEx for international shipments. The costs depend on the destination. Any customs costs are not included.

How can I return my jewelry?

You can read all about our return policy here.

I live outside Europe. Do I have to pay customs costs?

If you live outside Europe, you may have to pay customs costs. How much that is varies per country. 

Since January 1, 2021, the UK is no longer part of Europe. If you're buying a piece of jewelery and you live in the UK, check it out here what additional costs you can expect. 

Is it possible to pick up my order in the shop/atelier?

You are of course always welcome to pick up your order in our shop/atelier. However, we only work by appointment. We are open Tuesday to Saturday between 10:00 and 17:00.

Jewelry maintenance

How do I clean my jewelry?

You may always have your jewelry, which has been purchased from Marcel Vermeulen, cleaned by us (ultrasonic).

To clean your jewelry yourself, we recommend Hagerty Jewel clean. You can read how to do that here

It is also possible to clean your jewelry with Dreft dissolved in warm water and a soft brush. 

What should I pay attention to when cleaning my jewelry?

Some gemstones, especially pearls and opal, are sensitive to damage from acids. Be extremely careful when cleaning it. You can always consult us for advice.

If in doubt, always have the jewelry cleaned by a professional.

What is the best way to store my jewellery?

It is best to store your jewelery in the box supplied, or a soft cloth or case. Make sure the jewels don't touch each other. This prevents scratches and stone breakage.

Do I need to have my jewelry checked for wear?

We advise our customers to visit us once every 2 years to have the jewelery checked for wear. Better safe than sorry we always say!

Jewelry and service

What size am I?

Don't know what ring size you have? Or do you want to know which size necklace or bracelet you like best? Then view here our tips & tricks.

How is the jewelry packed?

Every piece of jewelery purchased from us, both online and offline, is carefully packed in a specially designed box; a black box with silver logo and a velvet black inlay.

Would you like to purchase a piece of jewelery online? Then we will of course ensure that it is packed in such a way that it reaches you without damage.

Can I have my jewelery engraved?

We can have almost all jewelry engraved. We work together with a hand engraver who engraves in classic, modern or own handwriting. Would you like to have your jewelry engraved? Then contact us.

Can I have a piece of jewelery made smaller or larger?

In most cases this is not a problem. We offer a lifetime custom service for the jewelry you buy from us. You are very welcome in our studio. Make an appointment here.

The piece of jewelery is sold out online? Is this still available?

We can remake most jewelry. But because we work with rare gems, it is usually not possible to recreate a jewel 1:1.

I lost a gemstone/diamond from my existing ring. Can I have it replaced with you?

Yes, you can. You can make an appointment with our studio so that we can inform and advise you about the process and the price.

Which precious metals do you work with?

We work with 14kt and 18kt gold (yellow, rose and white gold) and platinum. Our preference is for gold. Why are you reading here .

What do the 4 C's mean when it comes to diamonds?

The 4 Cs stand for Cut, Clarity, Color and Cut. You can here< /a> read in detail what you can pay attention to when buying a diamond.

Sustainability and ethics

Where do your diamonds and gemstones come from?

We only work with conflict-free, certified diamonds. Our grinders and site holders are affiliated with it Kimberly Process. Marcel has gained many reliable contacts over the past 20 years and knows exactly where to buy his diamonds and precious stones.

We also work with local mine holders who maintain family mines. Marcel knows the mine owners personally and applies a direct trade principle. This way he does not invest in the mass of mines and he gets the best quality. 

Are your diamonds GIA certified?

All diamonds that we have in our collection above 0.30ct have a FAMILY, TREE of HRD certificate. Under 0.30ct you will receive a house certificate. 

These certificates indicate the quality and value of the diamond. It is also a guarantee of the authenticity of the diamond. 

What is the quality of the diamonds you sell?

The diamonds we use for our jewelry are always of very high quality; VVS E or better. Here you will find an overview of the different purities of diamond. The very high quality is also better sharpened and therefore they shine more than commercial quality  (SI1 and V2 color G). We often get the question from people who wear MV jewelry why it sparkles more than other jewelry they own. That's because we make no concessions when it comes to quality. Both in our designs and in the diamonds and gemstones we use for our designs. 

Do you work with lab-grown diamonds?

We attach great importance to the beauty and exclusivity of natural diamonds. A natural diamond takes millions of years to form. A beautiful natural process. A lab-grown diamond, on the other hand, is created under pressure within half a day. 

Lab grown is often sold as a sustainable and ethical alternative.

Because we know exactly where we have to buy diamonds to meet that condition, we still opt for the natural product. Natural diamonds match the exclusivity of our designs. In addition, a lab-grown diamond loses its value immediately after it has been purchased. History shows that the value of natural diamonds is always increasing. This way your jewelery remains a valuable product, even for years and generations to come. 

Engagement ring

What should I pay attention to when choosing a diamond engagement ring?

The diamond in the engagement ring is probably the most expensive gift you will ever buy. With the right information, you can spend your budget on the properties of a diamond that are important to you. Read on and we will be happy to help you gain more insight into the quality of a diamond.

1. Choose your shape

To begin with, determine the shape that the diamond should have. Popular cuts are brilliant, oval, princess, emerald, Asscher, marquise, radiant, pear or heart-shaped. Most engagement rings nowadays are set with a brilliant cut (round) diamond. After that, the princess shape is the most chosen.
Do you want something distinctive? Then you can of course choose a different shape.

2. Choose the size
Think for yourself which size suits your partner best. Take a good look at the jewelry your partner already wears. If you are in doubt, you are always welcome in our shop and workshop, we can advise you on the basis of photos of your partner.

3. Choose from the four C's 
We are happy to help you make a well-considered and confident choice.
Below you will find a summary of what you can also read under diamond education.

  • Cut (Sharpening method)
    The cut has the most influence on the fire or life of diamonds. Even with perfect color and clarity, a poorly cut stone can look dull. You will find only the best cut diamonds in our collection

  • Color (Color)
    Colorless diamonds are rated the highest and are therefore also the highest in price. For the best color, choose colorless or almost colorless. Gradation from D to H is considered colorless. You will not find lower color gradations with us. Of course we can find any color on your request.

  • Clearness (Helderheid)
    Diamonds without internal irregularities or imperfections are extremely rare and therefore highly valued. The best price/value ratio has a diamond with no imperfections visible to the naked eye, SI-VS diamonds. In our collection you will find gradations between FL (flawless) and SI (Small Inclutions).

  • Carat weight (Carat weight)
    Since large diamonds are significantly rarer than small ones, the price increases exponentially the more the stone weighs. The values ​​increase if they exceed a certain carat weight. You have the best price/value ratio if you can find a diamond that is just under a 0.30ct, 0.50ct, 0.70ct or 1.00ct, etc.

How do I find out my partner's ring size?

We have several tips for you to find out your partner's ring size. You can read this here.

Is an engagement ring only with diamond?

People often opt for a diamond engagement ring. However, there are no 'rules' attached to this. You may of course opt for an engagement ring with a different gemstone. We have a large collection and you are welcome in our studio to discuss the possibilities and your wishes.

Do you have a sapphire engagement ring?

We have various rings with unheated and heated sapphire in our collection. Of course, these rings can also be offered as an engagement ring. Is your dream ring not included? Then make an appointment with our workshop. Then we will work with you to find the perfect ring within your budget.

I bought my engagement ring elsewhere, but we would like to buy our wedding rings from you. Is it possible to make something to go with the engagement ring?

That is certainly possible. Perhaps we already have something in our collection that fits well with the engagement ring. If this is not the case, we will look for the desired design together with you. Make an appointment with our studio here.

My partner would like an engagement ring inspired by Princess Diana's engagement ring. Could you make something like this?

Yes, we can manufacture a similar ring. Make an appointment with our workshop to discuss your specific wishes.

I would like to buy an engagement ring and your studio is in the center of The Hague. Where is the best place to park?

The nearest parking garage is Q-park in the Torenstraat. There is almost always room there. You may also be lucky and find a spot in the Prinsestraat.