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The certificate

A diamond certificate lists all the specific characteristics of a diamond. The certificates we work with are issued by the Gemmological Institute of America (GIA), of International Gemological Institute (IGI) or by the Diamond High Council (HRD). These are all the leading institutions in the diamond world. The GIA sets the standard for the assessment and identification of gemstones, their assessment system serves as an international benchmark in the jewelery and gemstone industry. So make sure you get a diamond certificate. With us, a certificate is always included with your purchase at 0.30 ct or higher. Below 0.30 ct. You can choose whether you want a certificate.

The following characteristics are included in such a certificate in English, all these aspects together determine the value of the diamond:

Certificate Characteristics

Dimensions (Measurements)

Indicates the size of the diamond in millimeters.

Shape and cut (Cut)

The shape and cut of the diamond.

Carat weight (Carat weight)

The weight of the diamond to one hundredth of a carat.

Color Gradation (Color)

The degree of the absence of color in a diamond.

Clarity (Clarity)

Brightness determined at 10x magnification.

Quality of the grinding (Cutting Grade)

An assessment of the cut determined by a top view of the diamond, its design and craftsmanship. A cut grade is available for round diamonds graded after January 1, 2006.

Finish (Finish)

Indicates the surface of the diamond and the position of the facets. This is indicated by Poor, Good, Very Good or Excellent.

Polishing (Polish)

The overall smoothness of the diamond's surface. This is indicated by Poor, Good, Very Good or Excellent.

Symmetrie (Symmetry)

Indicates the shape, alignment and proportions of the diamond in relation to each other as well as the evenness of the outline. This is indicated by Poor, Good, Very Good or Excellent.

Fluorescence (Fluorescence)

The color under UV light. Fluorescent diamonds can turn milky in sunlight and are therefore cheaper. It is advisable to ask your jeweler about this. The fluorescence is indicated by NONE, SLIGHT, MEDIUM and STRONG. From Medium we do not recommend buying the stone.

Comments (Comments)

A description of other characteristics not yet mentioned in the report. For example, that the stone has been treated by man. As a result, the value of a diamond decreases enormously. So pay attention to this! If so, comments will say CLARITY OF COLOR ENHANCED. We do not recommend buying these diamonds. It is therefore not a completely natural product.

Brightness image

A drawing showing the type and position of any imperfections (inclusions) when the diamond is viewed under a microscope. You are welcome in our shop and workshop to view inclusions. We will teach you, among other things, to view the diamond through a microscope.

Relationship diagram

This is an overview of the actual proportions of the diamond.