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The ruby ​​is one of the most famous gemstones in the world and also one of the most expensive. The name is derived from the Latin word "ruber" which means red. It belongs to the group of corundum and while red corundum is called rubies, all other colors are called sapphire. The red color is due to the presence of traces of chromium. The reds cover a wide color range from orange-red to purple-red and while personal preferences should also be taken into account when purchasing, the most desirable and valuable color is an intense red with no secondary purple or yellow tint. 

The ruby ​​is a type 2 gemstone. This means that fine inclusions are tolerated. In fact, these ensure that the color comes into its own even better. In addition, the chromium content ensures that the stone fluoresces in daylight with red light, which further enhances the color. Its high hardness of 9 (just after diamond) makes it the ideal gemstone for jewelry. The classic site for ruby ​​is Mogok in Myanmar (formerly Burma). The terms "Mogok" or "Burma" ruby ​​are still used for the best qualities even though the stones do not come from there.

High quality rubies today mainly come from East Africa, particularly Mozambique and Madagascar. Low quality rubies are known from many locations worldwide. Pure rubies with good color are among the most sought after gems. Particularly larger stones over 2 carats. Rubies over 10 carats are extremely rare and extremely precious.

The major auction houses have been trading top rubies for years with carat prices ranging from a few hundred thousand euros to more than a million euros, which is considerably higher than the prices for the best colorless diamonds. 

Rubies are usually heated like almost all corundum, and that's fine. In addition, corundum can acquire a red hue due to the addition of beryllium during heating. Ruby has also been synthetically manufactured since 1883. It is therefore advisable to buy such stones only from reputable dealers or jewelers. Since the ruby ​​is an extremely rare gemstone, especially when compared to diamonds, it represents a good long-term investment.

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