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Diamonds come in all kinds of different sizes, colors and purities.
When buying a diamond, it is important that you know enough about it and that you can ask the jeweler the right questions. The value of a diamond actually has to do with its rarity. In other words, the rarer the diamond, the more precious it is. In general, diamond is found that is not useful in jewelry. These diamonds are used in industry to drill into hard metals or to grind other precious stones.

Only a few diamonds that are found are worth undergoing a lengthy and precise polishing process. Only a few are beautiful enough to be used in jewelry. Worldwide standards have therefore been devised to give diamonds a value and to distinguish the rarity. We call them the 4 C's: Carat, Cut, Clarity and Colour. In addition to these 4 C's, there is another important feature that is often overlooked by jewelers and that is the fluorescence and cut quality. On this site we try to explain all these aspects as clearly as possible.