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About gems

Gemstones are natural materials that are used to decorate people or utensils. Especially if they have been processed and polished. A distinction is made between gemstones, ornamental stones and organic ornamental materials. There are also imitations and syntheses of all these types of materials.


Gemstones: Natural minerals with the properties that make them suitable for use in jewelry or utensils.


Gemstones: Natural minerals and rocks for larger objects such as carvings, utensils or works of art. The boundary between precious and ornamental stones is very subjective. Traditionally, the transparent hard minerals are classified as gemstones and the softer ones as ornamental stones. 


Organic decorative materials: Pearls, coral and ivory are often also counted among the gemstones. They are produced by animals and are therefore not real minerals and therefore not stones. They fall under the biogenic materials.


Imitations: Precious and ornamental stones have been copied since ancient times. These imitations are made from any material as long as they resemble the original and are cheaper.


Synthetic gemstones: Many minerals can also be recreated by mimicking the natural formation. These stones have exactly the same properties and composition as the natural material but are man-made.