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‘Ik stop niet voordat iemand blij is’

'I won't stop until someone is happy'

The Hague jeweler and goldsmith Marcel Vermeulen from Prinsestraat 5 has found his passion in his profession, something that is reflected, among other things, in the way he treats his customers. “I don't stop until someone is happy and I really go very far in that,” he says. He specializes in engagement rings, signet rings with family crests and handcrafted jewelery with precious stones. “The most special project I've done and something I'm very proud of is the Des Indes ring,” he says. “I specially designed it with elements of the building. One who often visited the hotel is the famous Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova. She eventually died there in 1931. She often wore very beautiful art deco jewellery. That is why I chose that style for my design.”

Another Marcel design is his signature ring. “I am also very proud of this,” he says. “I designed it especially for the store and my logo with the letters M and V is hidden in it. It's really a success, because many of my customers have bought one. I make it in yellow, white and rose gold and set with diamond bands. In the middle there is always a rare color stone or a diamond that my customers can choose themselves.”

Royal blue sapphire is also worn by Máxima
A masterpiece from his collection of rare colored stones is the 6.06 carat royal blue unheated sapphire from Sri Lanka. “It has the most intense blue color of a sapphire,” says Marcel, “and it is extremely rare to find. Royal blue unheated sapphire is sometimes worn by Queen Maxima.”

Forging gold gives
sense of freedom

He talks about his choice for his profession. “I was never very good at school. In high school, it didn't interest me much. But from the moment I was on the course for jeweler and goldsmith in Schoonhoven, I loved it. Especially the goldsmithing lessons. It felt like freedom. What I do now is really who I am. It is my passion. I will never leave this profession.”

The basis for his relationship with his customers is trust. And that is very personal as far as he is concerned. “They sense whether it's good, because I'm making a drawing and it has to become a piece of jewelry. Customers place an order without ever having seen the jewel. Then someone really has to trust you. To have the idea that I can deliver the work,” he says.

Home base is The Hague
Marcel travels a lot for his work. But he cannot do without his home base The Hague. “I think our city is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Wherever I go, every time I'm happy to be back.

Eight years ago, for example, I lived in Antwerp, but I really missed the salty air of the sea near The Hague,” he says.

To Canada for diamonds
“I really like traveling to areas where gemstones are found,” says Marcel. “In Tanzania I go for Tanzanite, a purplish gemstone that is only found around Kilimanjaro. I go to South America for diamonds and tourmalines. To Canada for diamonds. I visit Sri Lanka for sapphires and I go to Brazil especially for the Pariba Tourmaline.”

Trend: lots of colour
The value and authenticity of a diamond is determined by color, clarity, carat weight and cut. Each diamond is at least 900 million years old and can only be sharpened with another diamond.

What are the trends for 2017? “The trend in 2015 and 2016 was a lot of white gold with a diamond,” says Marcel.

“Next year more and more color will be requested. So, for example, it will be a white gold engagement ring with a sapphire.”

Lifetime Warranty
“I give a lifetime guarantee to make a custom ring bought from me,” says Marcel. “Also, polishing and rhodium plating my jewelery is free for life. My name is attached to my jewelry, so I think they should always shine.”

Photo: Jos van Leeuwen