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Tsavoriet 0,48 ct


Beautiful tsavorite garnet from East Africa. These stones are characterized by a bright green color that is not found in other gemstone types. These exclusive gemstones are mined by hand. Not something you see every day in jewellery.

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Colour: Green

Weight: 0,48 ct

Size (mm): 5,12 x 4,18 x 3,05

Grinding shape: Oval Portuguese cut

Origin: Kenya

Therapy: No

Certificate: House certificate

Product number: 100901

This stone is suitable for use in all jewellery.


The Tsavorite

Light green to emerald green variety of grossular garnet colored by traces of chromium and vanadium. The higher the vanadium content, the stronger the green.

In addition to its exceptionally beautiful color, the tsavorite also has a clear brilliance that makes it appear very lively. The name tsavorite was introduced by Tiffani in honor of the Tsavo National Park in southern Kenya. The border region of Kenya and Tanzania is the only commercial source of this beautiful gemstone. However, mining is sporadic and that makes tsavorite very rare, about 1000 times rarer than an emerald. This makes it extremely difficult to find deposits with sufficient tsavorite. In addition, the extraction is manual work with the only tools being a hammer and chisel in order not to damage the raw material.

The rough crystals are usually small and high-quality specimens of more than 5 ct. are rarely offered. Tsavorite over 20 carats is extremely rare.

Its rarity, its beauty, its brilliance, its unique green hues, the fact that it is always untreated and its increasing demand, especially from China, make it one of the most valuable garnets. Hardly any other gemstone has increased in value in recent years.

Please note that when cleaning grenades you should generally avoid temperature fluctuations, such as with steam cleaning. Ultrasonic cleaning is also not suitable for grenades.

Tsavoriet 0,48 ct


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The Tsavorite