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Yellow sapphires 2.32 ct


Nice set of 3 yellow sapphires, 1 of which has a slight blue cast. This color zoning is typical of Australian sapphires. This is a characteristic of all-natural stones. Perfectly suited for a ring and earrings set.

Colour: Yellow

Weight: 2.32 ct total

Size (mm): 5.96 x 5.33 x 3.49 in 5.08 x 4.51 x 3.14 in 5.05 x 4.68 x 3.58

Cut: Cushion shavings

Origin: Australia

Therapy: Heat up

Certificate: House certificate

Product number: 100516

These sapphires are free of visible inclusions to the naked eye, but have a slight color zoning which provides a blue-green tint. These stones are completely natural and heated to lighten the color.

These stones are suitable for use in all jewelry.


Yellow sapphires 2.32 ct


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