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Roze spinel 2,11 ct


Beautiful bright spinel with an intense color. A deep violet tending to magenta creates a palette of all shades of pink. The fine inclusions in the stone are no disgrace. It just testifies to the natural and untreated condition of this beautiful spinel.

Colour: pink

Weight: 2,11 ct

Size (mm): 8,28 x 6,59 x 5,31

Grinding form: Mixed oval

Origin: Sri Lanka

Therapy: no

Certificate: House certificate

Product number: 100398

This stone is completely natural and as far as we know untreated.

This stone is suitable for use in all types of jewelry.



Spinel is a gemstone that has long stood in the shadow of the ruby and sapphire. Spinel is very similar in color palette to corundum but exhibits much higher brightness and brilliance. In the past, ruby and red spinel were mistaken for the same mineral. Hence, spinel is common in antique jewelry.

The name spinel comes from the Latin word “spina” which means thorn. The name refers to the pointy crystals in this type of gemstone. Spinel occurs in the same geological environment as ruby and sapphire where it is found in fluvial deposits and mines.

Spinel's color palette mainly includes reds and blues. Intense red stones comparable to the best rubies are rare and loved. More often, the spinel shows a subtle secondary hue. Pink spinels in particular are very attractive gemstones. Recent finds in Vietnam consisted of spinel in a neon pink and light blue color, something that was not yet known in the world of gemstones. Large finds of high-quality spinel in Tanzania have also made this mineral popular again.

The price for beautiful spinel has risen sharply in recent years. Hardly any new deposits are being discovered and the already known ones are being exhausted. Actually, this is the case with most gemstones. As a result, high-quality spinel will become increasingly rare and therefore more expensive.

Roze spinel 2,11 ct


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