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Garnet 2.94 ct


Intense violet red rhodolite garnet of 2.94 carats. This beautiful stone is distinguished by its bright color in combination with the size of the stone. Garnets are usually dark red stones with a subtle brown tint. That is not the case in this case. The clarity, color and brilliance of this specimen are exceptionally good. A perfect stone for use in jewelry and completely untreated.

Colour: Violet rood

Weight: 2,94 ct

Size (mm): 8,15 x 7,27 x 5,61

Cut: oval mixed cushion shavings

Origin: The exact origin is unknown but probably India / East Africa.

Therapy: no

Certificate: House certificate

Product number: 100154

This stone is free of visible inclusions to the naked eye. This stone is completely natural and untreated.

This stone is suitable for use in all jewelry.

Garnet 2.94 ct


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