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18kt yellow & white gold necklace set with tanzanite & diamonds


This handmade 18kt yellow & white gold necklace is set with a tanzanite found in Tanzania & one pear cut diamond. 

Has this piece of jewelry already been sold or not quite to your taste? Then choose a gemstone from the wide collection of unique gemstones and let us tailor the perfect piece of jewelry for you.


Material: 18 carat yellow & white gold

Stones: Diamant (VS1 F 0.18 ct )

Design: MV



Colour: blue/purple

Weight: 1,98 ct

Size (mm): 7,35 x 6,65 x 4,9

Cut: Cushion shavings

Origin: Merelani, Tanzania

Therapy: heat up

Certificate: House certificate

This stone is free of visible inclusions to the naked eye. This stone is completely natural and untreated.

Tanzanite is more fragile than many other gemstones. An open setting in a ring is not recommended. Furthermore, very applicable.


18kt yellow & white gold necklace set with tanzanite & diamonds


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