When I visited Holland for the first time with family, not long time ago, we had the opportunity to find this Beautiful and Excellent Juwelier and Goudsmid shop. We got to meet the creator of these great pieces who was very charming and handsome. We were fascinated of all the varity and unic models of the juwelier. You just want to take them all!! He is very knowledgeable about all kind of beautiful stones (at least the ones he has off course) and he is very sincere by the prices he gives to his pieces according to the hand labor job it has and the purity of the stone. Actually it gave me the chance to buy a beautiful ring I wanted thanks to a small inclusion it had :D. Moreover, after looking at so many rings, necklaces and bracelets, my grand ma got inspired on a jewelry set she wanted and we asked if he could have it done before our departure from Holand and he did!! The work of Marcel is simply perfect, clean and beautiful! Withing a very comfortable and safe service. Thank You Marcel 😉